A dada header for Kenny (Tim Berners - Lee would be proud)

Disclaimer: I first apologize if this does not run very fast on your computer. It was developed on a PII 450, and I did not realize how much slower it would run elsewhere.

Further, this works best in Internet Explorer 4.0x. Applet Viewer seems to have a problem with Garbage Collection and occassionally runs out of memory.

That aside, you get to kill kenny. Click the mouse on the playfield, and an anvil will drop over where the mouse is clicked. Supposedly, if you succeed in your task, you should be rewarded with "Oh my God, They killed Kenny, You B*@#%@^T@!"

Click again, to reset Kenny, as he is now ready for the next episode.

Space bar should toggle manual mode, which allows keyboard control of accelleration, via the left and right keys. Note, this is accelleration only and require some response time to overcome established velocity.

I hope you enjoy!

Brought to you by Ben Ho. for a computer graphics class, 6.827 (i think) so fast the numbers fade.